A Wasted Opportunity And Wasted Money

I caught a news report on this morning's Good Morning America about the poor shape of many of our highways and bridges. This was following the bridge collapse on I-5 in Washington the other day. The poor condition of thousands of bridges across the US is not really news as it's been known for a long time that many of them require repair or replacement.

What gets me about the report is that none of it was necessary. If Obama, in his questionable wisdom, had committed the entire $878 billion of stimulus spending towards our infrastructure rather than the paltry $55 billion that was actually spent on it, it's likely all of those deficient bridges would have been repaired, replaced, or in the process of being so. It also would have been much more of a stimulus for economic recovery because the money would have been spent on tangibles that add value to the economy rather than the payoffs and 'rewards' for those who supported his election campaign.

It's possible Obama could have come out smelling right a rose if he'd done the stimulus right. Instead he ended up stinking like the corrupt Chicago politician he is.