Quotes Of The Day

Here are two great quotes from the Web, both of which are fitting considering the state of our nation these days.

The first comes by way of Samizdata and reveals a truth too many without understanding of economics might find enlightening:

If prices are information, then subsidies are censorship.” - Russ Nelson

Anyone with a modicum of economics knowledge knows that prices are a means of feedback in a market economy. Subsidies distort feedback and skew prices, causing them to rise or fall from their normal level depending upon what is being subsidized and why. In the end it causes a distortion in the marketplace which will hurt some other part of the market.

The second quote is a takeoff from a phrase coined by Hillary Clinton many years ago, in this case describing our present president's effect on us:

It takes a community organizer to raze a village (and a country).

There's little I can add to that.