Storm Of The Century? Not Really.

For a couple of days now the media has been drooling over the prospect of another winter storm. Since yesterday I've been hearing the ominous “This storm is gonna KILL US ALL!” music leading into the various 'Storm Center' television reports.

More than a few have claimed it's the biggest storm in 100 years, but I recall the megastorm that was the Blizzard of 1993 that dropped snow from Texas to Maine. Here in New Hampshire I recall seeing over 2 feet of snow from that storm. Somehow I doubt this storm will be in that league thought it is expected to drop anywhere from 1 to 3 feet of snow here. (The Blizzard of 1978 was even worse. I recall that one all too well as I was living south of Boston at the time, the area hardest hit by that storm. We had 55 inches of snow and drifts that covered the sides of two and three story homes up to the peak of their roofs. Route 128, the circumferential highway that encircles Boston, was closed for almost a week because vehicles were buried under feet of snow.)

As per usual, the fear mongering has prodded large numbers of folks to head for the supermarkets to stock up on essentials like bread and milk (huh?) and the even more important junk food – pretzels, chips, beer, and so on. (At least those folks have got their priorities straight!)

About the only concessions I made in regards to storm preparations has been to top off the gas tank of the Official Weekend Pundit Snowblower, go over to the town DPW to refill some buckets with sand (needed to get Deb out of the driveway if it's slick), and to make sure the cell phones and laptop batteries are fully charged. While Deb hasn't gone out to 'refill the larder' (and I doubt she'll get the chance before the storm hits), we have plenty of vittles in the pantry and more than enough propane for the Official Weekend Pundit Grill. I also filled the gas tank of the trusty F150, but not because of the storm as payday Thursdays are the day I make my bi-weekly trip to BJ's to pick up supplies and fill the gas tank on the truck.

I have no doubt I'll be required to use the snowblower at least three times during the storm: at 11PM Friday night to make sure Deb will be able to get down the driveway and into the garage after work; at 6:30AM on Saturday to make sure I can get out and get the trusty F150 to the mechanic's for its annual inspection (I've been assured by the owner that they will be open Saturday morning); and finally some time Saturday afternoon/early evening to clean out the last of the snowfall after the storm has wound down.

In other words, this is going to be one of those more powerful Nor'easters. Not that I'm downplaying the hazard such a storm presents. After all, Nor'easters can kill and they have killed more than a few folks who didn't take the warnings seriously and weren't prepared to deal with them.