Questions Not Asked About ObamaCare

As the effects of Obamacare on businesses and the economy become more evident, one has to ask what the hell Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the lockstep Democrats in Congress were thinking when they 'passed' the steaming pile of manure that was the Affordable Care Act? (Of course the question answers itself – they weren't thinking at all.)

If anyone ever needs a shining example of the Law of Unintended Consequences, then the ACA – aka ObamaCare – fits the requirement. And as those unintended consequences add up, we will find our economy weaker and 'affordable' care becoming less affordable and less available. (That's already happening as health insurance premiums are skyrocketing.)

Regardless of the actual motivation behind ObamaCare, there are far too many downsides to it that Congressional Democrats ignored. Even if the reason behind ObamaCare is to force health care into a single payer system, it won't matter if the health care system has been destroyed and the non-health care effects on the economy drive us deeper into a recession. It would be a Pyrrhic victory.

At least someone out there understands where the Democrats made the mistake, ignoring history and choosing to overlook the actual effects of the ACA.

Why not say anything about the actual increases in employee cost per hour and how it is driving the employment market? This is the problem with the arguments against Obamacare. Everything is done in terms of grand scale and not in terms of human scale. Why not do a study of companies with 100 or less employees showing how Obamacare costs are equal to adding 8 employees to the payrolls to companies that laid off 30 people to survive? That is the argument Reagan made. He always tried to talk about the cost of government in terms of the average person's daily life. Everyone in government is so used to play money terms and spends $ billions with no connection to Joe and Jane six pack.

But then the Democrats aren't interested in “the cost of government in terms of the average person's daily life.” Oh, they'll make the appropriate noises about supporting the working families in their respective districts and states, and then work hard to make their lives more difficult and suck even more money out of everyone's pockets, leaving nothing to show for it other than a bloated inertia-laden government incapable of doing anything efficiently and an economic wasteland where once a thriving economy existed.

Of course I expect the Democrats (and Obama) to lay the blame on George W. Bush even though he's been out of office for over 4 years. It seems they are incapable of taking the blame for anything they've done wrong, unwilling to say “Hey, we screwed up!” And with those blinders on, they aren't able to see what the real problems are and what's actually needed to fix them.

And so it goes with the effects of the ACA.