Raising The Minimum Wage Hurts Those It's Supposed To Help

On more than one occasion I have voiced my objections to raising the minimum wage. I was against it in 2007, 2008, and 2009, as I am against the idea of raising it yet again. Just about every time the minimum wage has gone up, unemployment has gone up. Many of those on the left plead the case that no one can support a family of four on minimum wage, but since when has the minimum wage been about supporting such a family? Never. Primarily it has covered entry level jobs, particularly unskilled jobs. And who takes most of those entry level, unskilled labor jobs? Teens. And who gets hit the most when the minimum is raised? Teens.

So while the left tries to claim empathy with those trying to support their families on minimum wage, the truth is very few are doing that, and those that are rarely remain at minimum wage if they're doing a good job. So what's it all really about?

Trying to look good for the low information voters. And that's all this is for – appearance. However the reality of it all means that should the minimum wage be raised again it will help few but hurt many.