State Of The Union - Deja Vu All Over Again

Did I listen to the State of the Union address?

Nope. No way. I had better things to do than to listen to stale platitudes and rehashed ideas from the past that didn't work then and won't work now.

Funny that the President only now is 'focusing' on jobs. He wasted four years trying build his legacy with that piece of crap called ObamaCare instead of doing what it is he promised to do – get the economy moving again.

His speech made sweeping statements about what needs to be done, but didn't give a single hint about how to actually do that other than the same old fixes – raise taxes and cut spending. But just like in the past, the only thing that he will work for is the first while ignoring the second.

If I didn't listen to the speech then how do I know what he said?

Because he recycles the same old tired phrases and 'solutions' from his previous SOTU speeches.

There's nothing new to see here folks. Move along.....