Walker Wins

A number of news organizations have called the Wisconsin recall election for Scott Walker. With 58% of the precincts reporting, it appears that as of 10:30PM EDT/9:30CDT that Scott walker has 57% of the vote to Tom Barrett's 42% (from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Millions in union funds spent to recall Scott Walker and the public employee unions get their heads handed to them, and rightfully so. Too many of the union leaders and rank-and-file seemed to believe the taxpayer's money belonged to them rather than the people who actually earned it. Talk about being out of touch with reality. Their belief the gold-plated benefits and pensions they received in the past were owed to them when the people paying for them were struggling to make ends meet was the height of arrogance, setting them up for their failure.

But as Glenn Reynolds reminds us, “Don't get cocky, kid!”