Obama Magic Nowhere To Be Found

It seems the magic the Obama campaign had during the 2008 election season is nowhere to be found in 2012. Between the gaffes by Obama and his spokesthings, old ideas and themes being re-hashed as somehow “new and improved”, economic indicators and jobs numbers telling entirely different stories compared to the Obama narrative, the young turning away from Obama as they struggle to find jobs to pay off their vastly overpriced and undervalued educations, and a highly response Romney team exploiting every misstep made by Team Obama, is it any wonder there's no magic this time around?

Even non-cynics are being cynical about Obama's latest move to boost his popularity numbers, that being the granting of amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants by fiat, sidestepping Congress because he figured they weren't going to give him what he wanted in its entirety. (He still doesn't seem to understand the actual meaning of compromise, which isn't “Sit down, shut up, and vote the way I tell you to vote!”) If only one side - usually meaning the GOP - gives up something and the other doesn't, that isn't compromise. That's capitulation. That is not what Congress is supposed to be about. As a 'Constitutional lecturer' he should know that. But then it seems he never really liked the Constitution all that much, particularly once he reached the Oval Office. All those icky rules and laws getting in the way of what he feels should be his right to do, even if it's wrong.

Despite the campaign ads running that have slamming Romney, too many of the independents aren't buying it. In fact, it seems a lot of Democrats aren't buying it either. Some have even been distancing themselves from him, afraid his growing unpopularity and disconnection from middle class Americans might drag them down, too. That certainly is not an unfounded fear.

It seems it's one stumble after another for the Obama campaign. The “Hope and Change” mantra is gone, along with its magic. It looks more like the campaign is starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel and finding there's little left to use.