Has It Really Been Ten Years?

I can't believe it's been ten years since Weekend Pundit was started by my dear brother. The third post to this blog was mine and I've been doing it ever since. There have been thousands of posts though a goodly number disappeared into the Big Bit Bucket when our second host, Blogmosis, went up in smoke, leaving us to fall back on Blogger and later on to our own site. Despite the loss, I still have all of my original posts here at The Manse on the Official Weekend Pundit Main Computer as well as on a number of backup disks stashed away in secure locations.

My brother stopped regular blogging some years ago to pursue other interests including authoring a book with fellow blogger Dean Esmay - Methuselah's Daughter.

There are many times when I'll go back and view previous posts and wonder Who wrote that? until realizing it was me. I constantly amaze myself, wondering how it is that I sounded so insightful when I know I am anything but. I'm just a working stiff in central New Hampshire enjoying work, family, some recreation, and the privilege of posting my opinions about things profound, trivial, and everything in between.

It's been a great ten years and I'm looking forward to see what the next ten years will look like.