From The Archives - Who Is John Kerry?

With the presidential election campaign rhetoric heating up, I decided to look through the Weekend Pundit Archives to see if there was anything from the past that paralleled the present. I didn't have to look far.

I focused on the 2004 campaign season, pulling this little gem from August 2004, lambasting John Kerry's chameleon-like ability to change who he is. (Sorry, but Geoffrey's linked post no longer exists – ed.)

Give this a gander. I think you'll see there are a number of parallels between Kerry and the present occupant of the White House.


Geoffrey asks the question: Who is John Kerry? The answer:

It's really hard to tell. There are several John Kerrys. Is John Kerry who he says he is, or is John Kerry what's he's done?

Who really knows? I'm not sure. Does John Kerry really know who he is? I'm beginning to wonder.

The biggest mistake that John Kerry has made is basing his campaign upon his service in Vietnam, something he did over 35 years ago, said service lasting all of four months. Does that make him qualified to be President of the United States? Not in my book.

Better, we should be looking at his record since then, particularly his many years of service in the US Senate. There's only one word to describe it: dismal. Maybe that's why he's focusing on his military service record – He actually accomplished something there.

In the Senate he's been something of a non-entity. He doesn't show up for committee meetings. He fails to show up for important votes on issues he supports, in some cases causing the measures he 'supports' to fail by a single vote. He pays lip service to his obligations to the people who elected him. And he never saw a military or intelligence appropriation he didn't try to torpedo. Will he do any better in the White House? His record of public service so far implies the answer is a resounding no.

My question: Why the hell are the Democrats supporting this guy? He's everything they despise, even though they may be reluctant to admit it. He's a rich, vain, untruthful, seditious SOB who comes across like a used car salesman. And let us not forget that he earned his money the old fashioned way – he married into it....twice. Is this guy like the Shadow, able to cloud men's minds? Maybe it's something else.

Kerry panders to the Anybody But Bush crowd while trying to speak to the polls. He always has, and always will be, a sellout. He stands for nothing, and his record proves it.

Maybe Geoffrey knows of what he speaks.

We might ask the same question of the President: Is Obama who he says he is, or is Obama what he's done?

Like Kerry, he was a non-entity in the Senate. More often than not he voted “present” while serving in the Illinois Legislature, as he did in the US Senate. That might as well be a “no” vote, and as such why did he bother showing up at all?

Like Kerry, he introduced no legislation during his tenure there.

Like Kerry, “he pays lip service to his obligations to the people who elected him.”

Like Kerry, he's still pandering to the Anybody But Bush crowd even though Dubya has been out of office for three-and-a-half years now.

Is it any wonder Democrats are jumping ship, trying to stay as far away from Obama as they can?