The Labor Day Weekend Arrived Early

It was easy to tell the holiday weekend had arrived.

I had to make trip to my employer's Massachusetts facility Friday morning to conduct an interview of a candidate to fill one of our many open positions. I was done by 11AM and headed back to our home office. As soon as I hit the north side of the highway heading towards New Hampshire I knew my trip back was going to take longer than usual.

The traffic was heavy. Very heavy. And it wasn't even noon yet.

On more than one occasion on the trip back north traffic came to a standstill. This is something you usually see on the evening commute, not at noon. Once I crossed the border the ratio of out-of-state license plates to New Hampshire plates on northbound vehicles didn't change. Most of the out-of-state vehicles had obvious signs of people heading to vacation spots – lots of luggage in the back or on top, bike racks filled with bicycles, canoes and kayaks on roof racks, and lots of camper trailers.

It's the end-of-summer vacation blowout.