Job Numbers For August

The August jobless numbers came out yesterday and for once the results were not unexpected (at least not to anyone not in the Obama Administration).

Job growth for the month of August was zero. Nada. Zip. A Goose Egg. Nil. Bupkus.

The stock market reacted negatively, again not unexpectedly, dropping over 200 points and wiping out the week's gains.

Obama and his 'advisers' wonder why the job numbers are bad when anyone with a lick of sense could tell them that everything they've been doing has discouraged job growth, just the opposite of what they claim they want.

I expect the final job numbers will actually be worse, with a negative growth and an increase in the official unemployment rate to 9.2%. (Remember, the unofficial rate – approximately 19% - includes those who have run out of unemployment benefits or have given up looking for work altogether.)

That ought to help Obama get re-elected.