Albert Einstein Proven Wrong

I think we're going to have to rewrite a few bumper stickers.

This one in particular is going to need a change: 186,000 Mile Per Second. It's Not Just A Good Idea, It's The Law.

It seems the folks over at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland have discovered that neutrinos, massless and chargeless sub-atomic particles, can exceed the speed of light, something Einstein's special theory of relativity says is impossible.

At first researchers didn't believe what they had measured, so they asked other researchers to independently verify their results. So far no one has claimed CERN's findings are in error.

Does this mean that we'll also have to edit Albert Einstein's formula to read E=mc2±1dB?

This isn't the first of Einstein's theorems dealing with relativity that have been found to be in error. Others have been found wanting or weren't as complete as Einstein thought they were.

We must also remember Einstein's words when it came to any of his theories: “It doesn't matter if ten thousand scientists agree with me. All it takes is one to prove me wrong.”

These are words that 'climate' scientists should take to heart, too. (This means you, Al Gore.)