Questionable Ties For Palin Ethics "Investigator"

Something I find interesting about Thomas Daniel, the so-called “investigator” looking into the ethics complaint against Sarah Palin and the legal defense fund created for her by supporters, who determined her legal defense fund violates Alaskan ethics laws, happens to be tied in with a number of Democrat Party heavy-hitters, including John Kerry, John Edwards, and the Democratic National Committee. You can't tell me this guy has no ax to grind.

By the way, this is the same “investigator” who 'leaked' his findings to the Associated Press, which ran with the story. As was asked at American Thinker, “Will someone please teach AP how to Google?” One would think they'd want to check their source for possible bias or underhanded dealings. But then, the AP isn't up on these newfangled things like the Internet, search engines, and such.

No partisan bias here, folks! Move along! Nothing to see here! Move along....

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