Massachusetts Dems Want To Change The Law...Again

Massachusetts Democrats want it both ways.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, the Massachusetts Legislature – led by the Democrat majority - changed the state law that delineates how a Congressman or Senator will be replaced should they leave office. This was done to prevent then-governor Mitt Romney from naming a Republican to replace Senator John Kerry should he win the White House. The new law required a special election to replace the vacant seat in Congress.

With Senator Ted Kennedy's passing, the Dems want to change the law again to allow Governor Deval Patrick to name a successor to fill his Senate seat rather than waiting until January for a special election. This empty seat means the Democrats no longer have a 60-seat majority in the Senate and that makes them nervous. Also, there’s no guarantee the Massachusetts electorate will elect a Democrat to replace. A lot of voters are pissed off at the state Democrats for the complete disaster that is the state budget, MassCare, and the increased taxes the legislature laid upon the taxpayers of the Pay State.

This shows the lengths the Democrats will go to to maintain power, even if it means changing laws on a whim to prevent the electorate from making a decision they believe only they are capable of making.

How arrogant. How typical.

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