A Letter's Roundabout Trip

It's not a stretch of the imagination to understand that on occasion one might receive mail addressed to their neighbor as the mail carrier scooped up the errant piece of mail along with that destined for our mail box. It happens and it's no big deal. And when it happens we drop the misdirected letter/post card/magazine into the neighbor's mail box or hand deliver it, giving you a chance to chat as you get that piece of mail where it belongs.

But once in a very great while mail ends up not just in the wrong mailbox, but in the wrong state.

When I got home yesterday there was the stack of mail on the island in the kitchen. A quick look at the mail found a letter addressed to a court clerk's office...in Illinois. I'm in New Hampshire.

I can understand the error if the name of the town here and in Illinois were the same, but they weren't even close. The street address is similar, but not exactly the same. Yet here it was.

A phone call to the name on the return address to let the sender know how their letter was sidetracked, and then a trip to the post office to make sure the letter was sent on to its intended destination ended this little diversion from life's regularly scheduled program on this Saturday morning.

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