Thoughts On A Sunday - Sickroom Edition

Post has been light, between our trip to Florida and my monster case of bronchitis I've been suffering with since our fifth day down there. It hasn't gotten any better with time. I fact, it's gotten worse, leaving me with little energy to do anything more than cough and hack. (It's also destroyed my voice, leaving me with the ability to speak only at a barely audible, raspy whisper.)

They say trouble comes in threes, and I guess they're right.

The second thing that occurred was the need of the WP Dad to go into the hospital for a triple bypass. This occurred while we were still in Florida.

The third thing: The WP Dad-in-Law suffered a stroke this morning and was air-flighted to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Deb traveled down to her mom's and then on to Boston to visit her dad.

It makes what I'm dealing with seem trivial by comparison.


I had to make my own trip to the hospital this evening.

My cough and hack was joined by a fever later in the day, and even worse chest congestion. The ER doc confirmed a bad case of bronchitis and prescribed some antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine to treat it. I'll be out of work for a couple of more days as the antibiotics do their thing.

See what happens when you go away for vacation? Somehow I doubt we'll be going away any where any time soon.


And that's the news from the sickroom here at The Manse on Lake Winnipesaukee, where we're all recovering, going to work actually seems like paradise, and where we hope to be back to a 'normal' schedule some time soon.

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