Fear Of Guns - Now Pathological?

Why is it I find this so amusing? Maybe because truth is stranger than fiction. From BogieBlog:

I am training a woman to do my job. No, this isn’t a post about my job, but rather her husband’s job. Her husband is a Detective in Massachusetts (he has been a full time police officer of some sort for almost 20 years). She relayed a conversation that they had had a week or two ago.

It seems that the good Detective was at the police station and a lady came in to talk to him (don’t know in what capacity, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t as a suspect). She suddenly noticed the gun and holster on his hip. She asked him to remove it before she would talk to him. As you might have guessed, he declined the offer.

She then insisted that she was scared of guns and she would not talk to him unless he took it off.

Excuse me? I can’t imagine what must have gone thru his head. As the coworker was relaying the story, I was thinking things along these lines, “WTF, she’s talking to an on-duty policeman, in the police station, and she doesn’t expect a gun to be around? Does she think it will suddenly jump out of its holster and take over the place all by itself? Does she expect that if he takes it off, he will be less likely to shoot her? Does she think that regardless of where she is talking to a FREAKING policeman, that he should not have his weapon on him?”

When she found that no one in the station would comply with her request, she finally talked to the detective while he retained his sidearm.

The anti-gun proponents have done such a good job with the gullible that they fear guns even when carried by police officers. How stupid is that? Like the tee-shirt I used to wear from time to time said: “Guns don't kill people. I kill people.”

Guns have been so demonized that some of the less thinking people seem to think that they'll jump up all buy themselves and start shooting randomly.

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