Bike Week 2009

All these things I could write about and I choose to let everyone know the annual invasion of the Lakes Region by bikers has begun.

About 300,000 motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to attend the annual Motorcycle Week, which starts first thing Saturday morning.

While the crowd won't reach the all time high attendance record of 450,000 (hey, it's a recession!), over 300,000 are expected to make the trek to Laconia, New Hampshire and the surrounding towns.

We usually make it down to Weirs Beach, center of many of the Bike Week activities, some time during the festivities. However, unlike most of those visiting the Weirs, we usually arrive by boat (it takes a lot less time to get there as compared to taking a bike or other form of land transportation).

As I have in the past (on an on and off again basis), I will try to post as many pictures from the festivities as I can.

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