Who's The Kook Now?

After Janet Napolitano's release of a scurrilous report calling veterans, pro-lifers, and anti-tax libertarians potential recruits for extremist groups, the Department of Homeland Security has had to do some major back peddling. It does not bode well for any Americans that might disagree with the present administration because they might be labeled as domestic terrorists.

Glenn Beck was called a kook for saying that the Obama administration was threatening civil liberties. Now John Zeigler gets handcuffed for the crime of journalism and Team Obama is turning Homeland Security loose against domestic political opponents. Who's the kook now?

Ironically, Zeigler was arrested at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism.

I guess I'll be on the DHS list of domestic political opponents soon, if I'm not already on the President's Enemies List.

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