Tea Party Reactions From The Left

It seems the reactions of the Left and the media to the Tax Day Tea Parties are pretty much what many of us expected: ridicule, hostility, or outright refusal to acknowledge something actually happened.

Our local TV station, WMUR, had a crew at the Manchester, NH Tea Party for quite some time, but their newscasts made little mention of it, and then only in passing in relation to the tea parties held in larger cities.

Comments made by the Obama faithful to a number of posts and forums show the contempt the left feels for anyone having the audacity to question their beliefs and their leader. Many tried to minimize the significance of the tea parties, saying they don't measure up to the size of protests professionally organized by the Left over the past few years. Yet others keep running the old tired line about how the protests were being run by Karl Rove, Fox News, and a host of other conservative /right wing persons or organizations. They cannot believe these protests were grassroots efforts by people across the political spectrum dismayed and/or disgusted with the direction Congress and the White House have been moving, spending money we don't have on things we don't need, and bankrupting the country in the process.

Many on the Left have used the argument that President Bush ran up a huge deficit and 'we', meaning those protesting now, did nothing about it. Therefore we have no right to complain now. But their argument is based upon a false premise. Many of us did protest, writing to our Congresscritters and to the President about their wasteful spending, for all the good it did. But what many of these same Leftists fail to mention is that President Obama will blow past Bush's seven years of deficit spending in one year, and somehow that's just fine with them. An interesting paradox, isn't it? Of course the paradox doesn't bother them in the least because they're used to believing two contradictory things at the same time.

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