Obama: Abandoning Our Allies And Other Incompetent Moves

Why is it President Obama is working so hard to abandon our allies and kowtow to our adversaries? What kind of leadership is this?

Can it be the leadership of someone ignorant of our history with our allies and incapable of understanding how diplomacy works? Unfortunately the answer is yes.

I wonder how long it will be before he pisses off our trading partners by pulling a Smoot-Hawley and further crippling our economy? He's already shown he really doesn't understand how our economy works, proposing unsustainable spending and taxation that will leave our children and grandchildren paying off debt we shouldn't even be considering under any circumstances.

Update: One commenter to Caroline Glick's piece hits it right on the head:

Barack Obama is setting the stage for another World War. His polices of appeasement, slashing conventional military forces and nuclear disarmament are all the signals that our enemies need to think that the United States has once again become a helpless giant.

As distracted, inept and undercut by his own Secretary of State as George Bush was in his second term, our enemies still had a chilling vision of what American military might can accomplish when is allowed to do what it was meant to do: to protect American citizens from attack by foreign attack by destroying them. Two supposedly invincible military obstacles, Afghanistan and Iraq, where collapsed in a matter of weeks. The leftist desires to see the U.S. military mired in “quagmire” became the butt of jokes. To this day the clueless MSM cannot understand why the United States has not come under attack since 9-11. Heightened security, collapsing terrorist sheltering countries and killing jihadis by the tens of thousands apparently have no meaning for them. In their view the best defense against people who hate us is a good round of self -abasement and appeasement.

Well, the lefties now have an administration in Washington that they have always sought. Disarmament and appeasement are the “new” progressive policies. Shortly we will get yet another demonstration of what these policies mean in real world. Israel is too close to the front lines to allow these woozy “love thy enemy” fantasies to set in. What better time could there be to break with Washington?

History has shown appeasement does nothing except bring about the very thing the appeasers are trying to prevent. Showing weakness to our adversaries does nothing but encourage them to press forward and force even more concessions until the appeasers are helpless and pose little threat of retaliation. And then the adversaries will strike without mercy. This is a pattern that has been repeated again and again through history.

When it comes foreign relations President Theodore Roosevelt had it exactly right:

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

For some, it's the only language they understand and the only language they respect. Yet our present President is going to throw it away and leave us open to attack and blackmail. That is not the mark of a leader.

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