Message To The GOP - It's The Spending, Stupid!

A commenter to Mona Charen's opinion piece (lambasting CNN's advocacy of increased government spending and tax slavery) had the right of it: If the GOP wants to return to its roots and regain some power in Congress, then it must shift its focus.

You still don't get it.

Really, the road back for Republicans is not to champion lower taxes. Tell us something we don't know. That is way too narrow to appeal to ANYONE. The GOP must become conservative on many levels instead of a slightly right clone of the dems. Has no one figured it out? IT'S THE SPENDING STUPID. Every single congressional representative and every single senator MUST pay the price at the ballot box for supporting this insanity. They are all in the process of sinking this ship. Get the feds out of our lives and realize that no government can ever cure what ails this world. So stop taking all your little boo-boos to Uncle Sam and stand on your own two feet. You won't get dizzy, I promise.

While taxes are but one part of the problem, it is the spending that drives taxes. The GOP must focus on that aspect.

Compare between what the President and the Congress are planning to spend and average family and how they must handle their spending. Show the people what this profligate spending will do to them, how it will hurt them, hurt their employer, hurt their business, hurt their kids and their dreams. Show them how the plans of the Socialist-In-Chief will not bring about prosperity, but misery. Show the people that the government will end up holding a gun to their heads and emptying their wallets if nothing is done about the economy-busting budgets foreseen by the President and Congress. Show them the government has become a gang of looters that really doesn't have their best interests at heart.

Show them the GOP is just the opposite of that and maybe, just maybe we can stop this madness. And if the GOP can't or won't do this, then maybe it's time the party goes the way of the Whigs.

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