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It's a day inside here at the Weekend Pundit Manse, with snow coming down at a pace that should give us between 8 and 10 inches by the time it ends later today.

BeezleBub and I have taken the path of least resistance when it comes to removing the snow from the driveway, waiting until later tonight to fire up the Official Weekend Pundit Snowblower. The last thing I want to do is get up at 5AM to clear the driveway. Neither does BeezleBub, particularly since he does not have school tomorrow, it being Martin Luther King Day.


Will Obama's appointment of Carol Browner as the so-called energy 'czar' come back to haunt him? Or will her environmental/socialist beliefs come to destroy the electrical utility industry in the US?

I'm betting on both.


Circuit City's bankruptcy and closure is no surprise to me. I knew they were heading for trouble a couple of years ago when they laid off their most experienced and knowledgeable sales and technical staff and replaced them with new (and inexperienced) staff as a cost cutting measure. You don't save a company by getting rid of the very people you'll need to survive.

I stopped by the Circuit City down in the state capitol a few months after they pulled that stunt. I wasn't in that store more than a few minutes before I knew for sure the powers-that-be had made a major mistake. After talking to a number of the sales associates it became readily apparent I knew more about the products they sold than they did.

It proved to me they were doomed.


Reuel Gerecht corrects Jeffery Goldberg, telling him it is possible to turn hardcore Islamic jihadists to moderates by one proven method: defeat them.

History shows again and again defeating a committed enemy is the only way turn them around. It is particularly true of Islamic history.

(H/T Instapundit)


The mania running through the media about the upcoming inauguration of Barack obama has become quite annoying, almost as annoying as all those DTV transition ads that have been running ad nauseum since just after the elections last November.

Probably one of the most annoying talking heads to me has got to be ABC's Bill Weir. When it comes to Obama he practically orgasms every time he says his name. There have been plenty of times I've seen Weir let slip his intense dislike of conservatives and moderates, and his outright hatred of George W. Bush.

This weekend's Good Morning America showed Weir acting as if Tuesday's inauguration is a coronation. Weir was in his glory, basking in the light of The One.

What a putz.


At least the New Hampshire GOP is making a move to turn things around for the Republican Party in the state.

Former New Hampshire governor and former Bush (41) Chief of Staff John H. Sununu was elected to head the New Hampshire Republican Party.

After suffering the loss of two House seats and a Senate seat in Congress to Democrats, and an apparent stranglehold on the governor's office by Democrat John Lynch, Sununu “came out of political retirement” to help rejuvenate New Hampshire Republicans.

Sununu, father of former US Senator John E. Sununu, served three terms as governor back in the 1980's.

Maybe this can be the start of a turnaround for the GOP in general. After all, New Hampshire is “First in the Nation” when it comes to national politics.


In light of these harsh economic times and monstrous federal budget deficit, how can anyone justify spending $160 million on Barack Obama's inauguration?

Here in New Hampshire, Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, decided the inauguration for his third term should be sedate, going so far to cancel the traditional Inauguration Ball because it didn't seem right to spend the funds when the state has a $100 million deficit to deal with.

Maybe the Democrats in Washington could take a lesson from John Lynch in this regard.


One last thing to amuse you:

All the things cause by global warming.

Who'd a thunk it?


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the snow is falling, the temps are dropping, and the ice fishing is good.

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