New Year's Resolutions

2008 is gone and 2009 has arrived. Thank goodness.

With the arrival of the new year, it's time once again to make my resolutions. Here's but a few of them.

Gain back the readers this blog had before the major meltdown of the old site. While Weekend Pundit had nowhere the readership of blogs like Instapundit, it did have about 1000 hits a day. Since the meltdown back in May 2008 readership is only a few dozen a day. The former readers haven't found the new site.

Get back to fightin' weight. I'm ashamed to admit I tip the scales at 245 pounds. Four years ago I was at 195. The change since then? Marriage. Deb is a great cook, but she goes heavy on the pasta and sauces, something that always packs the weight on my frame. It's time to get away from the carbs!

Spend more time out on the lake this summer. Our family didn't get nearly as much time on the lake this past summer, partly due to the weather and partly to our schedules.

Stain the decks and stairs of The Manse...again. The rather wet weather late last spring and through the summer last year made it impossible to get it all done. All I need is three weekends without rain.

Take more photos. 'Nuff said.

Write posts much more betterer.

Cut down on my dark chocolate consumption. Yeah. Right. Like that's gonna happen.

Pay closer attention to the legacy media, particularly the big city media. We shouldn't let 'em slide on anything. They've gotten away with it for far too long.

I could continue, but the post would be a few thousand lines long. I can't in good conscience expose what few readers I have left to such drivel.

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