One Step Closer To Socialized Medicine?

As George Will stated last week, it appears the Democrats will be trying to use the present economic crisis to create socialized medical care on the sly, all in the name trying to turn the economy around. Apparently George Will isn't the only one that's noticed this bit of sleight-of-hand deception by the ever more openly socialist Left within Congress.

Tom Daschle is still waiting to be confirmed as secretary of health and human services, not that he's in any rush. Democrats are already enacting his and Barack Obama's agenda of government-run health care -- entirely on the QT.

This was the real accomplishment of this week's House vote for the $819 billion "stimulus," and is the overriding theme of Congress's first month. With the nation occupied with the financial crisis, and with that crisis providing cover, Democrats have been passing provision after provision to nationalize health care.

It began one week after the swearing-in, when Nancy Pelosi whipped through a big expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. The SCHIP bill was Democrats' first stab at stealth expansion, unveiled in 2007, though vetoed by George W. Bush.

Still, it's the "stimulus" that has proven the real gift horse -- a behemoth that has allowed Democrats to speed up the takeover of health care under cover of an economic crisis. They initially claimed, for instance, the "stimulus" would provide Medicaid money to states struggling to pay existing bills. What in fact it does is dramatically expand the number of Americans who qualify for Medicaid.

And once they control your health care, and recreate the same conditions that have destroyed health care in the UK and is doing so in Canada, they'll keep telling you it's for your own good. Of course the members of Congress won't have to deal with the problem directly because they'll have their own system outside that of the one the rest of us “little people” will be required to use.

All I can say is the members of Congress pushing for this should be forced to use the same system as everyone else. They are owed no special privilege. They should be forced to ride the coaches down the road to Hell they have created.

To reiterate a point that must be made again and again and again: Doing the same thing (like socializing medical care) over and over again, but expecting the results to be different this time is the definition of insanity. And the Left has proven they are insane.

They keep dragging up the same discredited and unworkable social policies as if they were new and expect they'll work this time. (Or they've chosen to forget the disasters perpetrated upon the public all in the name of their god, Socialism.)

Creating artificial shortages of medical care is no way to ensure good health. All it does is make sure everyone one gets poor health care, drives people out of the medical profession, and puts us back to the level of health care available over 100 years ago, i.e. not very good by modern standards.

Ayn Rand must be spinning in her grave.

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