Obama The Ungracious

It's one thing to be a gracious loser. It's another thing to be a gracious winner.

John McCain has shown he is gracious even though he lost. Former President George W. Bush has also been gracious even as he departed the White House. Unfortunately President Obama has proven he is anything but.
President Obama ran his campaign on “change” and he declares now at every turn just how changey he is — on torture, the economy, the Middle East, ethics, etc.

Forget for a moment whether there is anything to the high-minded talk. That’s his theme and ticket to wielding political power.

The unfortunate result of this is that he is now given to jab continually at his predecessor. Some might attribute this to the failure to realize “the campaign is over” but it is perhaps better understood as milking his change meme for all its worth. He is changing from the Bush era, he repeats ad nauseum. The result, nevertheless, is a decided lack of graciousness toward his predecessor.
It appears he has little else in his repertoire. He even dissed his predecessor in his inaugural speech, something that just isn't done. His jibes and slights have only proven to me that I am wasting my time giving the new President a chance to prove himself. He already has.

He's proven to me that he is a putz of the first order. And it only took him a week in office to show me he is not the one that should be sitting in the Oval Office. He has shown me he is an arrogant, shallow SOB that we will be saddled with for the next four years.

I had despaired about the GOP, wondering if they would be able to lift themselves out of their malaise. Now it has become obvious to me that President Obama will help the Republican Party rise from the ashes like a phoenix, ready to stop this creation of the Chicago political machine, and to rein in Obama's profligate spending and social engineering of a type not seen since the fascist FDR administration.

Some have called Obama a savior. He is, but not in a way many of his supporters expected. He will be the savior of the Republican Party.

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