US Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Voter ID Law

The US Supreme Court upheld Indiana's Voter ID law, rejecting the argument that it disfranchised voters.

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that states can mandate photo identification at the polls without violating the Constitution. The ruling in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board is a big deal, and not merely because it continues a welcome trend on the Court of deferring to elected bodies.

The 6-3 opinion, which upheld an Indiana photo ID requirement, does a public service by debunking the notion that voter fraud is a myth concocted by right-wing partisans. If that were true, we must now conclude that the Court's most liberal justices are part of the conspiracy.

I never cared much for the so-called Motor-Voter law, which made it easier for people to register to vote. Making it easier to register isn't the part with which I disagree. Rather the problem with the law is that it makes it easier for those who intend to game the system and commit voter fraud. With a picture ID, it becomes much more difficult for someone to vote more than once, or for the dead to magically re-animate just long enough to cast a vote. The Supremes made the right decision, giving the states a means of reducing the potential for fraud the Motor-Voter law created.

Of course those who opposed the Indiana Voter ID law were the same who would have the most to lose from such ID laws, primarily those with a history of committing or condoning voter fraud. And of that group, most of them are Democrats. But then, the Democratic party has along history of being supported through voter fraud. Don't let their protestations that voter ID laws will disfranchise voters. Most states, offer low or no cost picture IDs though their respective state Motor Vehicle departments. While some may argue that it is too difficult for many to obtain them due to their circumstances, the Supremes disagreed, saying it isn't as difficult as it was being made out to be by opponents.

Maybe now we can restore confidence in the election system by ensuring only those eligible to vote can do so.

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