Fred Thompson - We Still Like Him

Bird Dog over at Maggie's Farm posted this video of Fred Thompson being interviewed by Sean Hannity. After watching it I have to say that, like Bird Dog, I too still like Fred Thompson.

John McCain could do worse than convincing Fred Thompson to be his running mate. Of course Fred has stated on more than one occasion he has no desire for that particular office, but I think he could be persuaded. If nothing else I think Fred could help the Republican party retain the White House.


  1. As always; the most honest, straightforward and productive candidate to ever run for the presidency fully understands that 'running around the globe attending state funerals as the VP' for four years wouldn't be the indispensable help he was offering his country out of pure patriotism.

    No one feels the loss more than I do but, unless he needs to be there to take over the reigns he's absolutely right...as always.

  2. I have to agree. But the VP slot also opens up a better position for a presidential bid later on.


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