The Anthropogenic Global Warming Scam

The hysteria over global warming, and particularly the cries of “Heretic!” coming from the followers of AlGore (may the blessings of Gaia be upon his name) when confronting those with the audacity to question the catechism of anthropogenic global warming, has reminded so much of the trials and tribulations of Galileo when he thought to question the orthodoxy of his day.

It's one thing to call those not conversant with climate science who question AGW 'deniers', but how can those who are far more knowledgeable about it than many of the proponents be called such? The faithful will try to diminish their expertise by claiming they are bought and paid for by the oil and coal companies even though those same faithful are fully in thrall to those who see that AGW as a path to power and wealth. It is the faithful who hate the deniers, who try to state the debate about global warming is over and that “everyone knows” humans are the sole cause. Whatever you do, don't try to confuse them with facts that go against their orthodoxy. To them everything else is unimportant.

America is in the throes of a major housing and financial downturn, soaring food and energy costs, rising unemployment and near recession. But many legislators and bureaucrats are falling all over themselves to restrict fossil fuel use, advance climate change legislation – and thereby increase oil imports, energy prices, and impacts on families and businesses.

Earth did warm slightly over the last quarter century, as it emerged further from the Little Ice Age, and humans likely played a role. However, literally hundreds of climate scientists say catastrophic climate change and dominant human influence are over-hyped myths.

These are real climate scientists saying this, not political hacks or those with little or no knowledge about climatology, like sociologists, economists, and political scientists. Prophesying the disastrous effects of global warming (which no one has proved will be the outcome of such warming, and history appears to say otherwise) is a way of selling fear, and fear allows the AGW faithful to gain political and financial power. After all, they say that all we have to do to be safe is to allow them to impoverish the poor even more and destroy the world economy. All it takes is for us to give them the power to do what needs to be done. It's a ploy that's been used before (Hitler, anyone?). My dear brother came up with a more direct approach to dealing with the 'problem': kill two-thirds of the world's human population.

Of course the AGW folks solution to the problem will accomplish the same thing, but will make it a long, drawn out, excruciatingly painful process, which in their eyes is, in some twisted fashion, more humane. (Don't ask me to explain this belief...I don't think I can.)

Despite all of this it appears that global warming is not high on Americans' lists, at least in regards to the upcoming November elections, where the issue appeared dead last in a recent poll. But that won't stop the faithful from preaching their ever less relevant gospel.

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