It's Time For Me To Start Making Noise

I have written little about the ongoing presidential primary races. Frankly, I was already exhausted from the campaigning that started all of two weeks after the 2004 elections. Other than a few comments and some plugs for Fred Thompson, I've haven't posted much about the race for the nominations. That's about to change.

While John McCain wasn't my number one choice as the Republican nominee, I have no problem supporting him for the election in November. He isn't my concern.

However, I cannot say the same about one of the Democratic candidates.

While I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, I hope she can defeat Barack Obama and gain the nomination.

The more I read about Senator Obama, the more I've come to realize he's the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's shown his elitist snobbery, his inexperience at the national level, and his hard core liberal beliefs that he knows what's better for us than we do. Barack Obama in the White House would be a setback to the Carter years, a time I have no desire to relive.

Want a preview of what a Barack Obama presidency will look like?

Four significant public policy changes are certain: the size, scope and spending of the federal government will substantially expand; income taxes will go up; protectionism will replace free trade; and a commitment to global internationalism will saddle America with a broad Kyoto global warming agreement that, according to the U.N. Climate Treaty Secretariat, should exempt China and India.

And that's just for starters.

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