Thoughts On A Sunday

Watching the various Weather Guys™ over the past two days, I'm hearing from most of them that we might actually get a substantial snowfall on Wednesday. An honest-to-goodness Nor'easter might actually be headed our way!

It's about frickin' time.

With a good amount of snowfall the snowmobile enthusiasts where I work will be able to go out and play with their snow machines. I won't have to hear yet another endless lack-of-snow lament.

Now some of you might think that I dislike winter. That's not the case. What I dislike are the non-winter winters, where unseasonable temperatures and lack of winter weather make it seem more like an extended early spring, with rain, mud, and more mud, and no ice on the lakes and ponds. If it's winter, I want winter weather, dammit!


It sounds more and more like the Spanish Inquisition when anybody dares ask questions about the recently released IPCC report on global warming. Supporters of the report are basically telling everyone “act, not think” about the so-called solutions to the problem, which everybody knows is All-The-Fault-Of-The-Evil-Humans.


The nanny statists are ever pushing. As I wrote here, they've already gone too far. And they'll push even farther, given the chance.

Trans fats are a source of "bad cholesterol" and therefore can harm you. Eating too much ice cream can also harm you, as can spending too much on lottery tickets, or playing golf during lightning storms.

All of these things should be controlled by the state, the nanny-thinking goes, because some people are just too stupid to control themselves. Makes the libertarian philosophy more and more attractive, doesn't it?

You'll get no argument from me on that point.


Hillary Clinton finishes out her visit to New Hampshire later today. Yesterday she visited both Berlin, a northern New Hampshire city still struggling with economic problems, and the state capitol, Concord. She's scheduled to visit Manchester, Nashua, and Keene today before returning to Washington.

She's working hard to score points with New Hampshire Democrats, though I think that Barack Obama's announcement that he will run for president in 2008 has stolen some of her thunder.

Obama is scheduled to visit New Hampshire starting on Monday.

It's getting mighty crowded around here. There are so many presidential candidates here now that you can barely move without bumping in to one.


Are you as tired of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith as I am?

Yes, her death, and for that fact, her life was tragic. Now the wolves are circling her corpse, hoping to score a windfall by claiming her infant daughter for their own, and the potential millions that will go with her. This is based upon Smith's lawsuit for her share of her late husband's fortune, something that the Supreme Court decided she had every right to do. Should suit go in her favor, all of that inheritance would go to her daughter, and hence to whomever ends up with custody of her.

It's avarice at its worst.


Smash points out the hypocrisy of anti-war protesters who claim to support the troops. This hypocrisy usually shows itself in the form of these protesters spitting on military personnel and veterans, including those that have been wounded in combat.

A real class act, I tell ya'.


Steve Martin may have given many of the jihadis/harabahis 72 reasons not to kill themselves in suicide bombings.

(H/T Glenn Reynolds)


While the debate about Iraq rages on, Ben Stein has written a thoughtful and poignant letter to the troops.


Qualifying for the Daytona 500 began today.

It seems that last season ended only a week or two ago....


Even with the aforementioned Nor'easter heading this way for Wednesday, plans are being made to remove the winter storage cover from the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, aka 'The Boat'. Though BeezleBub and I did most of the maintenance prior to storing it away for the winter, there were some things that need to be done that required tools that we don't have. So sometime in April the cover will be removed and The Boat will make a trip to one of the local marinas for service. Then, sometime after the first of May The Boat will be returned to the water.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the political rhetoric has been dialed up to '10', more presidential hopefuls are flooding the state, and where some folks here are already tired of the New Hampshire Primary even though it;s still 11 months off.

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