Draft Fred Thompson Movement Gaining Support

It seems the support for a “Draft Fred Thompson for President” movement is gathering steam. The other day Glenn Reynolds mentioned this post in one of the Knoxville News blogs, laying out the possibility of a run by former US Attorney/former US Senator from Tennessee. Even if Thompson decides to run later in the campaign season, he won't necessarily suffer from his late start.

The associate also said that Thompson, long a Hollywood star who has played the White House chief of staff and military officers, has such large name recognition that he could stay out for a while and still make waves if he entered late -- or as a vice presidential candidate next year. In the blogs, he's huge.

A number of blogs have been calling for him to run, some of them listed here.

Thompson has media exposure outside his appearances on NBC's Law & Order, sitting in for radio commentator Paul Harvey from time to time.

Compared to many of the other GOP hopefuls out there, Thompson is looking better all the time.

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