Going Too Far

It appears that two of my fellow New Hampshire blogs are on this story, where two New Hampshire Seacoast legislators have decided that it would be a great idea to follow New York City's lead and have proposed legislation to outlaw the use of transfats in all restaurants in the state.

Just what we need, more nanny statism.

If it isn't this, it's seat belts. As I commented on Bruce's post:

Another thing that I've found that many of the more liberal lawmakers in the Granite State have a tendency to do - legislate for something that is already happening because the public decided it should be so. A perfect example is seat belts. More adults wear seat belts here in NH than the national average. More wear seat belts here than in states that have mandatory seat belt laws. So why make a law about something that people are already doing voluntarily? I've never understood the logic of that.

Of course Bruce had a thoughtful response, and once I thought about it, it sort of made sense.

And, therein lies your problem. Their life philosophy is nothing more than the culmination of a lifetime of knee-jerk, feel-good responses to imaginary problems, centered around the core philosophy that the citizenry should be eternally beholden to the government for their every want and need. Facts, reality and the recognition if individual dignity be damned.

'Nuff said.

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