Thoughts On A Sunday

The balmy, way above normal weather is departing the area, with temps in central New Hampshire likely to be in the lower 50's or upper 40's today, compared with in the mid-60's yesterday.

What snow there was in this area is now gone, for the most part. At least there's none anywhere around The Manse.

Our refrigerator problems are still hounding us, with a repair technician showing up some time Monday. At least the over night temps tonight will let us store our perishables out on one of the decks, keeping them nice and cold.


It is not only the Congressional Democrats that are already dealing with scandals within its ranks, but here in New Hampshire as well.

The present chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party decided she was not going to run for re-election, figuring she'd done her job and wished to move on to other opportunities. No problem.

Her vice chairman, long time New Hampshire politico Ray Buckley, looked like a shoo-in for the position. But then scandal hit and Buckley decided not to run for the chairmanship. Though claiming the allegations made about him are false, and even if they are proven unfounded, his shot at party chairman is gone.


The New England Patriots advanced to the next round of playoffs by beating the New York Jets 37-16 in Foxboro.

The Pats head out to San Diego to take on the Chargers next Sunday.


Though just about everybody else in the blogosphere has linked to this, I figure it can'y hurt for me to do so, too.

Say hello to the real Bambi and Thumper.


It seems that Cindy Sheehan will do just about anything to remain in the public eye, including traveling to Cuba in order to protest and demand that the prison in Guantanamo Bay be closed.

Some detainees there have already been cleared and will be released soon. The remaining detainees are known illegal combatants with ties to al-Qaida and other extremist Islamic organizations.

But Cindy wants them removed from Guantanamo. That's all well and good. But what does she want us to do with them? Put them in the regular prison system? Release them? Both would endanger America and American citizens.


Of all of the general's that Bush could have chosen to take on the problems in Iraq, it appears to me that he's chosen the right one. In selecting Lt. General David Petraeus to become the top military commander in Iraq, he may have found his 'go to' guy to turn things around.

While commanding the 101st Airborne while they were in northern Iraq, he and his troops made a big difference in the lives of ordinary Iraqis and sent quite a lot of insurgents, both Iraqi and foreign jihadi alike, either to the grave or had them on the run. He truly had won the hearts and minds of the Iraqis in the area secured by the 101st.

This is the kind of guy we need commanding the Iraqi theater.


All too soon it will be time to return to work. That's one of the few things I dislike about Sunday evenings – the reminder that tomorrow morning I've got to get up before the sun rises and get ready for work. The work itself I like. It's just the idea of being up before 6AM to make sure that I have enough time to get myself ready for work and BeezleBub ready for school.

Once more into the breach, dear friends....


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where once again some hearty souls are plying the waters of the lake, winter seems to be hiding, and where I now must go to bed.

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