State Of The Union Preview

The State of the Union address is a little under an hour away as I write this.

While there has been rampant speculation about exactly what Bush will say, I think I can sum it up with a few bullet points:

? “We are not going to cut and run from Iraq. No way I'm going to let it happen, so don't even think about it. We're going to finish the job. If Congress thinks it's gonna cut the rug out from under us, you can kiss my skinny white Texas butt.”

? “I am not going to let Congress undo the tax breaks that have kept our economy growing. The Democrats seem to think that the tax cuts were only for the rich. It's true, but only if you define 'the rich' as anyone that has a job.”

? “We're done screwing around with all them oil producin' countries. We're going to build more nuclear power plants, drill offshore, and develop more alternative energy. Then all you petro-dollar addicted countries can eat your oil.”

I think that'll cover it.

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