Congress Changes Hands

The 110th Congress has convened, passing the reins of power over to the new majority party. The new Speaker of the House made history by being the first woman ever elected to the position.

The Democrats have control of Congress. It's their turn to run the show.

They better not screw it up.

Already there are questions about the ethics of one Democrat headed for a committee chairmanship, ethics that the Democratic leadership appears to be reluctant to question. Will the Democrats keep their promise to clean up the House or will their efforts apply only to Republicans they dislike? We shall see.

Will they stay the course on taxes and extend the Bush tax cuts? Will they cut spending and put earmarks into the public eye? Or will they begin a tax and spend orgy, putting the economy into a tail spin because they've sucked so much money out of the economy to fund ever more expensive and useless social programs? Only time will tell.

This will be the first new Congress that will have to deal with a blogosphere that will be watching their every move, ready to blow the whistle on partisan maneuvers that benefit no one but the congressional incumbents. The old “the people don't really know what they want/need, but we do”attitude won't cut it this time around. Too many of the American public watching. We are watching. We have our keyboards and our pajamas and we're not afraid to use them.

They better not screw it up.

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