Clueless Holier Than Thou Enviro-Vigilantes

I thought that this was amusing: An urbanite environmentalist taking a holier than thou attitude towards someone they don't even know just because that someone drives an SUV. That someone happened to be the editor and publisher of the Colebrook, New Hampshire News & Sentinel, a weekly paper published in that small northern New Hampshire town.

This past weekend we ventured south to cover a basketball game, using the opportunity to stay over, take a break and enjoy city life for a day. When we returned to our Chevy Tahoe after lunch at a restaurant, we were greeted with a blaze-orange ticket from EarthOnEmpty, citing us as "offenders" of the environment for driving an SUV.


What this person didn't know is that I hate driving a huge SUV, that if I lived down south I'd absolutely drive a hybrid. But four-wheel drive and a high clearance are necessary for where we live, and we have to have the capacity to haul 5,000 papers if our driver is out sick or on vacation

I've run across more than one of these types before, many deriding the choices of vehicles that I or friends of mine drive. Little did they realize (or care) that without our 4X4 truck or SUV it would be impossible to travel at all during winter or the following mud season. In some cases my friends wouldn't even be able to make it out of their driveways. But that matters not a whit to jerks like this.

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