Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a trip down to the WP In-Laws today for BeezleBub and I.

It was a perfect day for this kind of road trip – rainy, windy, and very few people clogging up the roads.

We had the WP Parent's trusty minivan because we wanted to bring a few things back up from Gilsum, like my bicycle, some of BeezleBub's summer stuff, and part of a cord of firewood.

We fired up the wood stove before we left on our road trip to take the chill off because of the rainy day. It was an opportunity to give it a good run and to work out any bugs that might pop up. Deb kept an eye on it while BeezleBub and I made the trip down to Gilsum and back.

I think we're going to cut our propane consumption to a small fraction of what we used last winter.

That suits us just fine.


The “summah people” just up the road from us have been learning an expensive lesson this summer. These are the same folks who have a tendency to light up their property like Fenway Park at night.

On at least four occasions the local gendarmerie have had to break up loud late night parties, on one occasion at 3:30AM!

Thursday night it came to the breaking point when their latest party led to the arrests of a number of partygoers for being drunk...and underage. Two of them were only 14 years old.

The hosts may well be facing charges of enabling underage drinking, a serious offense in these parts. This may give the owners of the property the means to break the lease for their present tenants.


We have a new member of the WP family here at the Manse.

We adopted a 14 week old kitten from the local humane society shelter a short while ago. His name is Cole (also called “Coley” and, on occasion, “Nat the Cat” in honor of Nat King Cole).

Pictures will be forthcoming.


It seems that Capt DMO over at And Rightly So has come to the same conclusion as my dear brother and I: Lawyers are the worst people to make law, particularly in legislatures.

Maybe it's time to resurrect our Modest Proposal.


I've gotten into an interesting debate with commenter TJ about this post. While I could go back and forth in the comments, I decided a separate post might be better as my response to TJ's last comment was going to be quite lengthy. It's yet another go around with a true believer in Al Gore's “Inconvenient Truth.”

Stay tuned.


I've been toying with the idea of adding a regular feature similar to Thoughts On A Sunday, in this case covering new and promising technologies one day a week. I'll probably call it something like Techno-Tuesday, Geek Wednesday, or something wittily alliterative.

My infrequent technology posts seem to be rather popular....well, popular if the subject is interesting.

What do you think?


This is the last unofficial weekend of summer. Many children have already started school and the rest will be starting after the Labor Day weekend.

That means that much of the weekday traffic out on the lake will disappear, though the weekend traffic will probably stay elevated for a few more weekends.

The usual 'last gasp' boating weekend tends to be Columbus Day weekend. The foliage is near or just past peak and the weather is still relatively good. After that the big exodus from the lake begins as people close up their island and shoreline camps and cottages for the winter and pull their boats out of the water in order to prep them for winter storage.

The Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout will be one of those boats pulled from the waters of the lake on or just after that weekend, bringing another summer to a close.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is holding on, the “summah people” will soon be gone, and where we have six weeks of boating left.....

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