The Army Is Goin' Green

When I read this in last month's Design News, I thought it was the coolest thing. Even the military was getting into 'going green', using hybrid drive systems for their heavy trucks.

But then a reader commented on the article, saying that it was a contradiction.

I read the article regarding the "Green" army truck. When I finished, I felt like we, as a society have totally lost our minds. War is, without a doubt, the most resource-wasteful process on Earth. We win wars by destroying resources. So, if we are going to build mechanisms to destroy resources, why are we worrying about being "green" while we do it? The goal should be to make the truck as simple (this one is not), reliable (proportional to simplicity — so, not), and as easy to repair in adverse conditions (definitely not) as possible. Why worry about that fact that we could save a few dollars of fuel while we destroy resources which will eventually take millions of dollars of resources to rebuild? This is taking the "green" mentality to the point of insanity.

It makes a twisted kind of sense. We'll be environmentally conscientious while we're blowing the hell out of stuff. I'm sure our enemies will appreciate it.

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