Teaching The Teacher

The start of the new school year always brings new experiences and new opportunities to learn. Sometimes our children learn exactly what they're supposed to (the Three R's, fer'instance), and sometimes they end up teaching the teacher.

That's something that happened today in BeezleBub's Social Studies class.

At one point during the class his teacher started spouting the typical liberal line about the widespread war in Iraq and how everyone ignored the war in the Congo and Sudan and a number of other places.

At this point BeezleBub raised his hand and, once called on, informed the teacher that the fighting in Iraq was limited pretty much to one relatively small area – Baghdad, Ramadi, and Hillah – and that the news media was making a lot more of it than it really was.

The teacher's response was that the Coalition is slowly moving troops into Baghdad to deal with the problem.

Obviously this teacher has been buying the tripe the MSM has been spouting and not doing his homework.

That's my boy!

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