First NH State Primary Candidates Out Of The Running

With the New Hampshire state primary only 4 days away there have already been candidates that have lost their battle at the polls.

Eight candidates names were ordered stricken from the ballots by the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission because their voter registrations did not match up with their party affiliations. One candidate was not registered to vote at all. This made them ineligible because by New Hampshire law, they aren't qualified to run in a party primary unless they are a member of party and a registered voter.

While it is not illegal for an undeclared voter to run for office, they cannot run in a party primary unless they have declared their party affiliation with the Town Registrar/Town Clerk.

This has affected both the Democrat and Republican primaries as of the eight candidates, four were on the ballot as Democrats, three as Republicans, and the last candidate's status was unknown.

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