Thoughts On A Sunday - Part 1

Yes, there was no post yesterday. It wasn’t that I forgot or didn’t want to. Instead, it was a combination of two things, one that could not be ignored and the other being a family gathering for a celebration.

The first, and unavoidable thing – Motorcycle Week.

This weekend was the closing weekend of Motorcycle Week which meant up to 350,000 bikers were in New Hampshire, with most of them focused on the Lakes Region, particularly Weirs Beach in Laconia. That has meant very heavy traffic all around Lake Winnipesaukee. It had a personal effect as on more than one occasion it took quite a bit of time to leave my neighborhood, with the longest delay having me sitting at the end of my road for 15 minutes waiting for a break in the traffic. The only time I didn’t have to wait was early yesterday morning when I headed out to do my weekend Walmart run – this was at 7am – though there was a considerable wait when the WP Mom were heading out to attend the second thing.

The second thing, the aforementioned family gathering, was to celebrate BeezleBub’s birthday, his 30th! He was hosting a cookout for friends and family which started mid-afternoon and lasted until evening. Frankly, it was a long day between Saturday chores and the birthday celebration. By the time we got back to The Gulch we were tired, hence calling it a night earlier than usual. While I did think I should stay up to quickly write my usual Saturday post, I realized it would likely be lame and not well thought out, so I headed off to bed instead.

And so it goes.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there will be a Part 2 to TOAS later today as about the only other thing I will be attending to today is laundry and little housekeeping.