Government Sanctioned Racism

I admit I’ve spent a couple of weeks thinking on the post linked below, pondering the Constitutional implications and kept coming up with the same conclusion: If it came to be it would be headed to the Supreme Court immediately. What is “it”?

A race-based tax plan.

Do you like scary stories? How about this recent report from the United States Treasury, “Advancing Equity through Tax Reform: Effects of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2025 Revenue Proposals on Racial Wealth Inequality.”

That sleep-inducing mouthful of grade-A bureaucratese may seem anodyne, the sort of thing that requires a surgeon general’s warning. But even a cursory trip through this twelve pages of reader-proof gobbledegook will be enough to give any sentient being nightmares. For what this malodorous blueprint aims at is nothing less than the confiscation of your wealth and property.

Beginning with its title, this report bristles with loaded buzzwords —“equity,” “racial wealth inequality.” Behind those abstractions, however, is a malevolent plan to destroy middle-class prosperity by brandishing the chief shibboleth of the age: race.

One thing I dislike intensely is how the word “equity” is being misused to make people think it has something to do with equality. Here’s a hint – It doesn’t. As a reminder, equality has to do with equal opportunities while equity has to do with equal outcomes, something no one (except our woke ‘betters) really wants for us. Keep this in mind: Equity = Lowest Common Denominator. That’s something we shouldn’t wish on anyone as it would create a hell world like the one described in Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Why the Biden administration thinks this would pass both Congressional and Judicial muster escapes me as it is blatantly racist. You know that if this tax plan were aimed at People Of Color we’d be hearing screams of outrage from Left, and particularly the delusional ‘woke’ drones infesting our nation.

If those pushing the idea of it think it’s aimed at just the wealthy whites and Asians, they’re right...but that will only be at the beginning. Eventually it will make its way down into every tax bracket. It always does.

The first sentence gives the show away. “For generations, entrenched disparities in our society and economy, at times facilitated by the federal government, have made it harder for Americans of color to have access to opportunity.”

“Americans of color,” forsooth. I am an American of color — a pleasing pink, if you must know — and so, even if you are an albino, are you. To distinguish among citizens on the basis of skin color — preferring some hues to others — is not only invidious, it is un-American. It should also be illegal.

But here we have the Department of the Treasury telling us about how the Biden administration has plans to tax Americans differently depending on their race. It is disgusting.

If they pull this off, what will be next? Race-based pricing for food, clothing, housing, vehicles, and other goods and services? How many other ways will they shred the Constitution, all in the name of equity? I shudder to think what the ever ubiquitous “They” have in store for us.