It wasn't until just a few moments ago I realized I had never crafted or posted my usual Saturday post. I can claim all kinds of reasons why, with only three of them being true, all due to it being such a busy day:

1. Part of the day was set aside getting the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout ready to start the boating season, between paying the boatyard for winterizing, storing, and making a few repairs after removing it from storage, making sure the friend from whom I rent a boat slip was paid, and getting the boat to BeezleBub's so it could be detailed before loading all of the gear prior to outting it back into the water.

2. I spent quite a bit of time finalizing the configuration of the new Official Weekend Pundit miniPCs. There were problems loading the Linux OS because I couldn't access the BIOS to allow booting from a USB drive. It took a lot of questions, searching online forums, and asking more knowledgable people how to deal with he problem and finally got it figured out. The WP Mom's new computer is all squared away in time for Mother's Day.The only thing left to do for her machine is transfer browser bookmarks and set up her e-mail.

3. I got too involved with watching the NBA Playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers...which didn't end until just before 11PM. By then all I was interested in was going to bed and any thoughts of crafting a brilliant post were nowhere to be found.

My bad.