It's The 60's All Over Again...But Only Worse

Watching the pro-Hamas protests/rallies taking place on many college campuses across the use has been triggering flashbacks to the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and anti-Vietnam war protests taking place on many of these same college campuses. But the difference between then and now is that back then they were protesting against our involvement in Vietnam and today they’re protesting on behalf of an Islamic terrorist organization who wants to finish the job Nazi Germany started during World War II by destroying Israel and killing every Jew they can find.

Of course today’s protesters are woefully and willfully ignorant of what’s been going on in that area since 1948, ignorant of the genocidal efforts of some of it’s neighboring Arab nations and numerous Islamic terrorist organizations. Today’s protesters have no idea of their ideology of death, their willingness to kill men, women, and children, even their own, in order to get their way. They will sacrifice anyone and everyone to get their way, even if they have to destroy what it is they say they’re trying to save – their own people – to ‘win’.

Some of those same protesters, seen below, don’t understand that the very people on whose behalf they are protesting would, if given the chance, have no problem exterminating them because Hamas sees them as an abomination worthy only of death.

So I have to ask just what do all the pro-Hamas protesters think will happen if they get their way? Or even worse, do they really care?

Knowing how easily they are distracted by the cause du jour, I’d have to hazard a guess they really don’t care. They certainly don’t care that it wasn’t Israel that started this war or that Hamas has no intention of ending it...unless Israel is wiped off the map.