Thoughts On A Sunday

Just when we thought winter was in our rear mirror, Mother Nature decided it wasn’t quite over yet. We received a little over 17 inches of snow here at the lake, with areas to the west and north of us seeing over 2 feet of snow. (Ironically, the Weather Guys TM had forecast only 6 to 12 inches to fall here.) One of the saving graces was that there was little wind with this storm though there were times when the snow was falling at up to three inches an hour in some areas.

I did go outside to shovel a couple of times during the snowfall to keep the amount of snow I needed to move at any one time to a minimum. However, I still spent about two-and-a-half hours this morning shoveling. I also pulled out the roof rake to remove snow from the roof in order to prevent any ice damming.

What’s ironic is that with the exception of a couple of snowbanks left over from winter, all of the snow was gone. Now it looks like we’re back in the depths of winter rather than the first week of spring.

At least I did not have to venture out on to the roads yesterday, having taken care of what little pre-storm shopping I needed to do early Friday afternoon. Not that I wouldn’t have if the need arose as the trusty RAM 1500 4x4 is more than capable of handling the weather. But why head out if there’s no need?

I figure this is likely to be a “last gasp” winter storm and that we won’t see any more accumulating snow again until next winter...or so I hope. I’d really like to get the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout ready for the upcoming boating season and get it into the water before mid-May.


I find it ironic that the US warned Russia about an upcoming terror attack, likely from known Islamic terrorist group, and were ignored.

Or were they?

Knowing the Russian propensity to sacrifice their own citizens in order to fit a narrative they’re trying to sell, I wouldn’t put it past them to allow this attack to take place and then blame the attack on Ukraine as a means to garner continuing support for their war against Ukraine. Goodness knows Putin has shown he doesn’t care about the myriad of Russian men sent to the slaughter in so-called “meat assaults”, poorly armed, ineffective body armor, and lack of artillery or close air support while trying to break Ukrainian defenses. Why would he care for Russian citizens who might serve a better purpose as martyrs?

Such an attack is uncharacteristic of Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory. The Ukrainians focus on military targets – air fields, naval bases, navy dry docks, supply depots, refineries, tank farms, logistics centers, transportation infrastructure like bridges, factories, electrical substations and power plants – not civilian targets like apartment buildings, shopping malls, and public buildings like the Russians have.


First, it’s shoplifting mobs hitting stores, overwhelming store security and absconding with thousands of dollars of merchandise in less than two minutes. They are gone long before police can respond.

Now it’s hundreds of teens storming malls in California, not to shoplift but blocking access to mall businesses, fighting, and “to raise holy hell”.

What started last summer as a social media challenge has morphed into a major challenge for California shop owners, police, and teens.

Hundreds or even thousands of teens descended on one mall and milled about, blocking access to stores, getting into fights and generally raising holy hell. One 16-year-old kid was shot during a disturbance involving hundreds of teens at the Pike Outlets in Long Beach. Another teen was stabbed in the Bay area as a mob of teens descended on a mall in Emeryville.

The sheer number of teens who show up at these "takeovers" is alarming. Thousands of teens confronted police at a fashion mall in Torrance, closing streets for hours. They planned to repeat the event this weekend.


“Authorities, shop owners, and teens, alike, aren't quite sure why these unruly gatherings are happening with increasing frequency at malls around California. However, many signs point to a social media challenge inspiring large groups of teens to create the disturbances.”

“What may have started last summer as a nationwide social media challenge, has ballooned into a major problem for some Golden State shopping centers.”

It doesn’t surprise me this is a growing phenomenon in California considering how lenient the laws have become in the Pyrite State and with DA’s unwilling to prosecute crimes, even violent ones.

You notice that you don’t see things like this happening in the rest of the US, particularly in states where the citizens are armed and where laws are actually enforced. (Yes, there are shoplifting flash mobs in other states, but mostly in blue cities. I can’t picture something like that happening at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester. Too many shoplifters would likely end up getting shot.)


Cannibalism isn’t just a problem in Haiti. Apparently it’s now a problem in California.

Who’da thunk it?

Yet another reason for us to kick the blue counties of California out of the US.


Hmm, I have to wonder if any of this might have something to do with the unexpected amount of snowfall we got yesterday?

It seems there has been unprecedented cold in places like Saudi Arabia (where it also snowed), Australia, India, New Zealand, and really really really cold temperatures in Greenland and Antarctica.

It must be all that global warming that’s been taking place.


Despite the cold temperature extremes mentioned above it actually appears the weather extremes have not become more common as many of the Climate Change faithful claim.

A new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation challenges the popular but mistaken belief that weather extremes – such as flooding, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires – are more common and more intense today because of climate change.

Drawing on newspaper archives and long-term observational data, the report, written by Dr Ralph Alexander, documents multiple examples of past extremes that matched or exceeded anything experienced in the present-day world.

Dr Ralph Alexander said: “That so many people are unaware of past extremes shows that collective memories of extreme weather are short-lived.”

Indeed. So many people today seem to think that climate conditions they experienced during their youth were ‘normal’ and that what they experience today is abnormal. How many times have we heard stories about how “When I was a kid we had a lot more snow”? But back when the person was a kid they were maybe 3 or 4 feet tall, so of course there was “a lot more snow”. It’s a matter of perspective. Too many of the Climate Change faithful have no perspective, won’t question the claims of their fellow faithful. Even when presented with verifiable data disproving what they’ve been told they refuse to believe it.

And so it goes…


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee where the snow has returned with a vengeance, the snow is already melting, and where we’re still getting closer to boating season.