Thoughts On A Sunday

It seems winter is winding down early this year, at least up here at Lake Winnipesaukee. The big lake never froze over entirely and Ice In was late. (Ice In is declared when all 5 ports of call for the MS Mount Washington cruise ship are iced over.) I have no doubt that Ice Out will be declared any day now as one of the predictors, a small pond near the airport, was ice free this morning. Ice Out is usually declared about a week after the pond is ice free. This most often occurs in mid-April, but there’s no chance it will wait that long this year.

While this ‘barely’ winter is almost over, it does mean that our boating season is going to start a few weeks earlier than normal. While it is unlikely I will get the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout into the water any earlier, usually towards the second week of May, there are plenty of boaters who will get their boats in as early as it is practical to do so.

I just hope this means we’ll have a better summer and boating season than we did last year.


I’ve seen signs of this, too, right here in my home town.

See the Future of Global Depopulation – a Giant Empty School.

While the post linked to in the Instapundit link above deals with a Japanese elementary school, school systems all over the world – and here in the US – are seeing a shrinking enrollment. Some of that is due to demographics as the number of children being born is declining. (Some of that is due to the shrinking number of families as fewer adults are getting married, let alone even dating.)

Some of the school enrollment shrinkage is due to more families homeschooling, a trend that accelerated during the Covid lockdowns. Some of the shrinkage is due to more parent enrolling their kids in private schools. But overall, the trend is downwards and it is expected that trend will continue.

As I mentioned above, I have seen that trend in my home town as school enrollment in our school system has been shrinking for at least 15 years even as our town’s population has been slowly growing.


I had no plans of watching the horror show that was the State Of The Union address because I pretty much knew it was going to be more of a campaign speech and there was going to be a lot of bullsh*t spewed as if it were true. Yet despite my not watching it, I did hear some of it which merely confirmed my suspicions.

One of the claims the Joetato made was how much better the jobs market was, something I’ve known has been a claim he’s been making that anyone paying attention knows is not even close to being accurate. The only jobs part of the jobs market that has been doing well is the government sector, which doesn’t add to the nations GPD. In truth, the job market has been losing jobs.

Every month, the Biden regime’s job report is revised DOWN by 20-50%. It bears noting that it’s the government sector that continues to dominate the new jobs reports.

Rich Baris posts: “Another MASSIVE downward revision to the prior monthly jobs report. These people are lying to us, and covering their tracks a month later. We’ve now had downward revisions for 10/12 to 11/12 on the 12-month for nearly two years.”

Government statistics, once a tool to measure the health of our economy, are cooked and created – weaponized as a campaign tool.

Over the last 3 months the US economy has shed 1.87million full time jobs. That's the largest decline since the GFC, outside the covid lockdowns. pic.twitter.com/9h8JfSHtUP

— steph pomboy (@spomboy) March 8, 2024

Every claim made by Biden and WRBA must be looked at askance as so many of them have turned out to be good sounding prevarications that in no way reflect reality. This was just one of them.


Just when we thought the media couldn’t be any more in the pocket of the DNC, they prove us wrong.

Only the MSM can describe the low turnout for Biden’s Georgia “rally” as “a very intimate setting” as if it were set in a cafe or roadhouse. What it was instead was a rally with a lot of empty seats.

That’s a hell of a lot of spin.

I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of that between now and November...and I’m already tired of it.


I have to agree with Scott Johnson that 1976’s Network was a perfect movie.

Almost 50 years later I remember Howard Beale’s rant on TV, Beale played by the great Peter Finch. I keep waiting for one of the network talking heads to speak the truth much as Howard Beale did when he finally had enough of the bullsh*t.

This was then surpassed by his “I’m mad as hell!” rant that is a masterpiece and still rings true today.


And that’s the (alleged) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where most of the ice has fled, thoughts of the upcoming boating season fill our heads, and Monday once again comes around to give us a kick in the teeth.