Thoughts On A Sunday

Another Sunday is upon us and it is also St. Patrick’s Day. It is also one day closer to Ice Out being declared on Lake Winnipesaukee which also means it’s one day closer to our boating season starting.

March Madness also starts as the brackets are being announced. Both University of Connecticut Men’s and Women’s teams made the cut which pleases the WP Clan to no end. (UConn is the ‘family’ school.) It will be interesting to see how well UConn will do, with the possibility that both the Men’s and Women’s teams could make the Final Four.


Over the years we Granite Staters have had to deal with folks who move into our towns “from away”. They are usually made up of people from one of three groups – the Kindred Souls, the Drawbridge Folks, and the Back Where We Come From flatlanders.

The first group – the Kindred Souls – will move into a town and after a year or so you’d think they’ve lived their all their lives. They fit in because they were looking for a town just like they one they moved to. They don’t really want to change anything any more than anyone else living in their town.

The second group – the Drawbridge Folks – will move into a town and then want to “raise the drawbridges” to keep anyone else from moving in and they work to make sure nothing changes at all and get upset if anyone even suggests something new. Most of them mellow with time and even though they will never be one of the Kindred Souls, they do love the towns where they now live.

And then there’s the third group – the Back Where We Come From flatlanders – who will move into one of our towns and immediately start trying to turn it into a copy of the place they fled, bringing with them all the things that made their previous place of residence a hellhole. They are rarely tolerated and more often than not manage to piss off just about everyone in town including town officials, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the DPW or Road Agent, the School Superintendent, and all of their neighbors. They bring their prejudices, intolerance, condescension, and delusional ideologies, demanding that everyone else live they way they think everyone should live.

It isn’t just us in New Hampshire who have to deal with the third group. A perfect example of this in East Nashville, Tennessee where a Blue State flatlander moved in and the first thing they did was sue a neighboring butcher shop because the newcomer “can’t stand the smell of meat”.

Where is this flatlander from?


Of course.

What would we expect from one of the Progressive Kalifornia anointed?

...California transplant Natalie Castillo relocated to a spot in East Nashville, Tenn. Her new home is next to Roy's Meat Service, a butcher shop that has been at its current locale for years. The family's presence in the neighborhood dates back to the 1940s. However, Natalie and her partner have decided that they cannot stand the smell of meat, even though they chose to move next to a butcher shop. In true progressive California fashion, they are suing to force Roy's to close.


What is Natalie doing in Tennessee? Well, the policies and people she voted for and championed have turned her state into an over-priced sewer lagoon. Crime is everywhere, and one cannot walk down the street without tripping over human feces or drugged-out humans.

Nothing is priced within reach, and even fast-food joints are closing up shop. You can't get a taco, cheeseburger, can of creamed corn, or a box of drywall screws in California without getting overcharged, overtaxed, and possibly putting your life in danger. To steal a quote from Barack Obama, people like her DID build that. Just because these approaches to government and life did not work in California, they have to work in Tennessee, right?

Frankly, I doubt Natalie will win her lawsuit (though she might if it was taking place in the Pyrite State). That’s not much different than someone buying a house next to an airport and then suing to shutdown the airport because of the noise. I would like to think the courts in Tennessee haven’t been corrupted by the Progressive virus and the court will kick the lawsuit as trivial with no merit.

Only time will tell.


Every time I think Scientific American, a once great science publication, couldn’t become any more woke and irrelevant, they prove me wrong.

In this case, the latest proof is their newest foray into gender-based science analysis.

It is proving once again that actual science must bow to the narrative, first, last, always.


Hey, let’s add to the stupidity of the American population!

From the halls of George Mason University comes this latest bit of woke stupidity being perpetrated upon us.

“Marriage fundamentalism” advances “white supremacy,” according to a George Mason University professor.

“I theorize that marriage fundamentalism, like structural racism, is a key structuring element of White heteropatriarchal supremacy,” Professor Bethany Letiecq wrote in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

“Marriage fundamentalism can be understood as an ideological and cultural phenomenon, where adherents espouse the superiority of the two-parent married family,” she wrote.

What’s ironic about this is that “scholars say marriage benefits society, minorities included.”

So you have a woke feminist professor telling us yet another custom going back millennia is racist only when white people practice it? WTF?

This ‘academic’ needs to be fired and have her academic credentials stripped from her because she’s a ideologue, not an educator.

We need to end this woke bullsh*t now.


It looks like the Left is finding out first hand what happens when you don’t lock up criminals:

More crime.

It is highly likely if the four criminals who committed a mass shooting in Philadelphia on March 6th had been locked up, the shooting that wounded 8 teenagers wouldn’t have happened.

It’s time for our Progressive ‘betters’ to relearn the lessons the rest of us never forgot – If you lock up the bad guys they can’t commit more crimes.


One has to wonder what people in other countries think about America’s descent into ‘woke’ madness? I have seen a few videos and some blog posts opining that the US is now an insane asylum, one being run by the craziest of the inmates – the ‘woke’ Left.

They espouse ideas and narratives the people in other countries know are total unadulterated bullsh*t and they infect our children with that same virulent bullsh*t. They see our nominal leader is a clueless pedophile puppet sinking deeper into dementia who insults and abandons our allies while rewarding our enemies. These same leaders have made sure crime skyrockets by not prosecuting and incarcerating criminals while framing and imprisoning citizens who disagree with their bullsh*t.

Yup, America has become a lunatic asylum.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been all over the place as have the temperatures, road repair season will soon be starting, and spring will be arriving soon.