Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been raining here at The Gulch since midnight and got heavy during the afternoon, something the Weather GuysTM says is supposed to continue until sometime Monday morning. More rain is forecast during the rest of the week, here and there.

I don’t think the climate doomsayers will be able to continue making the claim that we’re suffering a drought here in northern New England.


This had me scratching my head until I remembered 1984 and the contradictory statements others have used to illustrate the absurdity of claims made by the Left such as Slavery = Freedom, just to name one.

An actual absurdity I came across is the media saying voting threatens democracy. Umm, excuse me?

This controversy starts with the election of 8 Republicans to a Michigan County Board of Commissioners the Washington Post took exception too, painting the election as the Right taking control of local government being a Bad ThingTM.”

“The new commissioners, all Republicans, swore their oaths of office on family Bibles. And then the firings began. Gone was the lawyer who had represented Ottawa County for 40 years. Gone was the county administrator who oversaw a staff of 1,800. To run the health department, they voted to install a service manager from a local HVAC company who had gained prominence as a critic of mask mandates.”

The meeting was in January. The reporters were not present. But it ran pictures of the meeting taken by Evan Cobb, a freelance photographer from South Bend, Indiana. Maybe they interviewed him.

People elected an overwhelming majority of 8 new Republican commissioners (out of 11 commissioners) that the Jeff Bezos newspaper did not like. They made changes that the newspaper did not like, and so the Jeff Bezos Post said this threatened “the building blocks of American democracy.”

One of the changes made was to the county’s motto “that sat atop the county’s website and graced its official stationery.”

The 186-year-old county adopted that motto — Where You Belong — six years ago.

The new one is Where Freedom Rings.

Freedom must be a threat to democracy, too.

Anyone paying attention knows the Left hates freedom, otherwise why would they be trying so hard to stamp it out?

There’s more to the story about why the eight new county commissioners took the actions they did, including why they fired a number of long time county employees, the main reason being how they mishandled Covid, getting to the point where they saw residents as a threat to public health.

Read The Whole Thing.


800 years of Climate Crisis.

To think they were driving SUVs over 800 years ago! Who knew?


We’re seeing more fallout from the “Defund the Police” actions taken by a number of Blue cities. The latest highlights an attack that took place in West Hollywood where two “Safety Ambassadors” stood and watched the assault while police officers would have subdued and arrested the perpetrator.

In an effort to make citizens feel safe with fewer police, the city has deployed 85 unarmed security ambassadors on residential streets and in commercial corridors. Their presence is meant to deter crime, but they do not intervene at the sight of trouble. Instead, they are supposed to notify the police.

Business Owner Larry Block agrees with Reynolds that West Hollywood’s decision last year to cut its police force was a bad idea. Block told ABC 7 that the feckless security ambassadors are no substitute for police officers:

"Armed people can do something, they're intimidating, the security ambassadors walk around aimlessly, not really knowing what to do."

Another way to make citizens feel safe with fewer police is to allow all law-abiding citizens to be armed. When only criminals and police are armed, the citizens are defenseless and violent crime runs rampant. We see that in every Blue city with severe Second Amendment restrictions. Reduce the number of police and the crime problem gets worse, “Safety Ambassadors” notwithstanding.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee where it’s raining to beat the band, it’s gonna rain for most of the week, and where even Monday is throwing in the towel.